Monday, May 10, 2010

Today's buzz

Betty White hosting 05/08/10 SNL episode draws in its highest ratings in 18 months!  I've been a huge fan of hers since Golden Girls and watch her everytime she's in anything.  I was one of the ones excited when I heard she was in The Proposal long before it premiered -- LONG before that Snickers commercial came out during the Super Bowl, which catapulted her into super stardom.  I'm so glad she's getting this sort of attention. She never really went anywhere but this is not the attention she has received before-- and well deserved! Oh... May I add that I am just 31?  It was ALSO great to see all the great ladies of SNL back together, especially Amy Pohler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph and Ana Gasteyer!  Media talking heads fail to forget that's also what made the show so great. 

American Idol has included a poll on their website to get feedback from fans!  Desperate move, producers. But, hey, you're not sure why the ratings are at their lowest ever so ... why not? Although the rest of us can figure it out!

IRON MAN 2 grossed $51.9 million overseas this weekend, for a total of $188 million. Worldwide Marvel's gold-plated man of iron has already amassed nearly $320 million. Domestically, it earned $128,122,480.  Worldwide, Marvel's gold-plated man of iron has already amassed nearly $320 million.

Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack to be sold June 8, 2010.  Do I care? Nah. But I am sure others might be.

Katy Perry is chosen as Maxim's hottest woman of Hollywood.  I'm surprised that a woman who is not tan, not that tall or not curvy was chosen but... pleasantly surprised.  The guys over there are showing how diverse their taste is!  But I have given them SOME credit ever since they included America Ferrera on the list a couple of years ago.  Showbiz Tonight made a point of saying that Jolie dropped to #38.  Hmmm.

-- According to CNN's Showbiz Tonight.

According to Exhibitor Relations, Men in Black 3 will premiere Memorial Day Weekend 2012... in 3D!  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will reprise their roles and Barry Sonnenfeld will return to direct. It just won't be the same without those three so I am sure it will be fun and entertaining.  Sonnenfeld's cartoonish and sometimes exuberant style is what makes the franchise what it is.  The second installment was kinda bad though but the writing and direction of the story attributed to the dissapointing follow-up.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today's buzz

X-Men: First Class to open in June 2011!  My sidenote: REALLY excited about this one! Just hope that Brian Singer comes back to direct!

Patrick Dempsey will be part of the Transformers 3 cast.  My sidenote: I'm so done with this franchise. This time, I'll wait for the DVD... or even not watch it at all.

Billboard Magazine names Kelly Clarkson most successful American Idol. My sidenote: Woohoooo!  :-) I love her!!

American Idol ratings drop to historic lows. My sidenote: IS anyone surprised?! Simon Cowell is sure leaving the show at the right time!

Kate Gosselin returning to Dancing with the Stars for the finale. My sidenote: Love or hate her, she's good for ratings and it's entertaining to see her dance so badly. And just as I predicted and A.J Hammer just confirmed, ratings went down when she left!

ABC expanding "Lost" finale episode to 2 and a half hours!

... According to Showbiz Tonight, as of 05/05/10 during 5pm show.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quick random thoughts & this week's news!

-- Found out on CNN Headline News a few days ago that NBC is trying to have Jimmy Fallon host this year's Emmy Awards.  I hope they can get that done because he has proved himself as someone who can carry a show since he took over Late Night. Sure, the Emmy's are of a different caliber and tall order but I'm sure he can do it!  

-- How Hollywood celebrates Earth Day... REuse old ideas to REmake movies! Wait. This is what they do all year 'round!

-- Toyota product placement on last night's "The New Adventures of Old Christine" was awkward. At least be a little subtle like most shows!

8:14 PM Apr 22nd via Twitter

-- Mickey Rourke is playing it smart! Before we see him in the Expandables this summer, we get to see what he can do in an action flick when Iron Man 2 comes out on May 7th!

-- James Cameron told LA Times that the Avatar sequel is going to be partially shot underwater. Will he ever stop trying to outdo HIMSELF?!
8:17 PM Apr 22nd via Twitter

-- Just heard on E that Southpark creators got death threats for their episode of a bear called Mohammad. The producers' way of quelling this was to bleep "Mohammad" in the episode. Huh? Didn't it just sound like they were cursing then?
8:50 PM Apr 22nd via Twitter

-- As I was watching the Real Houswives of New York (yah, guilty pleasure) I realized that new "friends" are introduced with their name along with their status and the things they have!  When Luanne introduced Sonya to Ramona, she said, "Sonya is coming too; she has a place in the Hamptons..." So, do all the wealthy do this or just the self-righteous women of this show?

By the way, I posted most of this on Twitter. I just cancelled the account so ... here ya go!