Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quick random thoughts & this week's news!

-- Found out on CNN Headline News a few days ago that NBC is trying to have Jimmy Fallon host this year's Emmy Awards.  I hope they can get that done because he has proved himself as someone who can carry a show since he took over Late Night. Sure, the Emmy's are of a different caliber and tall order but I'm sure he can do it!  

-- How Hollywood celebrates Earth Day... REuse old ideas to REmake movies! Wait. This is what they do all year 'round!

-- Toyota product placement on last night's "The New Adventures of Old Christine" was awkward. At least be a little subtle like most shows!

8:14 PM Apr 22nd via Twitter

-- Mickey Rourke is playing it smart! Before we see him in the Expandables this summer, we get to see what he can do in an action flick when Iron Man 2 comes out on May 7th!

-- James Cameron told LA Times that the Avatar sequel is going to be partially shot underwater. Will he ever stop trying to outdo HIMSELF?!
8:17 PM Apr 22nd via Twitter

-- Just heard on E that Southpark creators got death threats for their episode of a bear called Mohammad. The producers' way of quelling this was to bleep "Mohammad" in the episode. Huh? Didn't it just sound like they were cursing then?
8:50 PM Apr 22nd via Twitter

-- As I was watching the Real Houswives of New York (yah, guilty pleasure) I realized that new "friends" are introduced with their name along with their status and the things they have!  When Luanne introduced Sonya to Ramona, she said, "Sonya is coming too; she has a place in the Hamptons..." So, do all the wealthy do this or just the self-righteous women of this show?

By the way, I posted most of this on Twitter. I just cancelled the account so ... here ya go!

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