Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today's buzz

X-Men: First Class to open in June 2011!  My sidenote: REALLY excited about this one! Just hope that Brian Singer comes back to direct!

Patrick Dempsey will be part of the Transformers 3 cast.  My sidenote: I'm so done with this franchise. This time, I'll wait for the DVD... or even not watch it at all.

Billboard Magazine names Kelly Clarkson most successful American Idol. My sidenote: Woohoooo!  :-) I love her!!

American Idol ratings drop to historic lows. My sidenote: IS anyone surprised?! Simon Cowell is sure leaving the show at the right time!

Kate Gosselin returning to Dancing with the Stars for the finale. My sidenote: Love or hate her, she's good for ratings and it's entertaining to see her dance so badly. And just as I predicted and A.J Hammer just confirmed, ratings went down when she left!

ABC expanding "Lost" finale episode to 2 and a half hours!

... According to Showbiz Tonight, as of 05/05/10 during 5pm show.

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