Thursday, March 11, 2010

America's Best Dance Crew Season 5

Review of Nationals-- Chart Topper ChallengePereotix should have been eliminated after the show and Swagger should have stayed!!!!  And I can't believe they got the most votes and stayed the following week. 
MY top 5:
1- Jungle Boogie-- they woke me up during a show that beginning to be unimpressive. 
2- Saltaré-- I was in awe of their use fo jump ropes in a hip hop routine!
3- Royal Flush*
4- Blue Print Crew*
5- Static Noyse-- fusion of theatrics and hip hop is fascinating!
*Received the fewest votes for this week. I don't understand why!  J.C took the words right out of my mouth; they were the best crews of the night.
Review of Music Video ChallengePerotix proved that they should have been gone! 
MY top 3:
1- Hype 5.0
2- Blueprint Crew
3- Jungle Boogie
Review of Lady Gaga challengeAs soon as I found out that Pereotix's challenge was to emulate the video, Paparazzi, I thought: "Oh, great. That's perfect for them!" I am surprised that none of the judges pointed out the jump rope section; I think that was either a nod or a "See, we can use jump ropes too!" to Saltaré! 
It is noble of the producers to throw out the votes due to technical issues but double elimination the following week?! Hmmm.  I am not sure what I think about that. 
MY top 2:
1- Blueprint Crew
2- Saltaré-- I am just in awe of them! 
Go to for full episodes, behind-the-scenes stuff and more!  MTV does a good job with presenting stuff about the show for its fanatics!

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