Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review of Love Happens

I was SO glad "Love Happens" did NOT meet my expectations! However, it still gets 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. The movie was more about Aaron Eckhart's character and what a tortured and complex soul he was. There was supposed to be a love connection between him and Jennifer Aniston but there wasn't much there and they did not have a bit of chemistry. The movie was billed as a romantic movie-- it was more of a drama based on this self help guru who needed help himself and happened to find this woman along the way. Now, she was definitely essential to the story -- I'm not going to be like the typical movie reviewer and tell you why though-- and give too much away.
I recommend this movie because of the great character development, interesting and heartwrenching story and surprising, unformulaic ending. As far as those who aren't Jen Aniston fans: she did her job in the movie. Yes, she could emote more. Her main problem is that she just doesn't have much of a range. I can't imagine her in a comedy like "The Proposal" or a period piece. But since there's so much more to the movies she has been in thus far than her-- she is usually adequate and I can overlook that and still appreciate the movie.

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